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We wrote the book on Data Mining:

"I certainly learned a lot from reading the book."
- Jim Gray,
A.M. Turing Award Winner,
Microsoft Research

You have a huge amount of customer and business data - transaction, marketing, financial, manufacturing and web data. How would you like to have your data truly working for you so you can better understand your customers and your organization's competitive advantages?

DBMiner delivers business intelligence and performance management applications powered by data mining. With new and insightful business patterns and knowledge revealed by DBMiner, you can present your products or services to customers in a way that's most likely to increase your value to them and their value to you.

DBMiner Insight solutions are world's first server applications providing powerful and highly scalable association, sequence and differential mining capabilities for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services platform, and they also provide market basket, sequence discovery and profit optimization for Microsoft Accelerator for Business Intelligence.

DBMiner uses intelligent and automated processes to analyze large volumes of detailed data from relational databases, data warehouses and web data with exceptional ease of use and high versatility. DBMiner helps you achieve better results by doing less.

DBMiner's products are based on over 10 years of innovative research and development as manifested in over 150 papers published in major scientific journals and international conferences. DBMiner's groundbreaking data mining technologies are proven to outperform competing techniques by a very wide margin. DBMiner is both a Partner of Microsoft Data Warehousing Alliance and a Partner of Microsoft Business Intelligence. DBMiner has close collaborations with world leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, HP and Boeing.

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